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We teach kids that a healthy life style is fun and rewarding

Fly Movement is the first kids’ health program that provides students an opportunity to reach a fitness goal through fun, rewarding team competition using fitness trackers. As a result, they learn how to develop goal setting habits, their fitness activity increases, and they establish a positive feeling towards physical activity.


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How does our program work?

Simple: We Engage Kids with a Fitness Tracker and a Challenge, motivate the kids to move and track results, and reward the students with prizes such as basketballs, soccer balls, frisbees, jump ropes, sidewalk chalk, hoola-hoops, and other equipment if they reach their goal. Fly Movement is a six week program for participating 3rd and 4th grade classrooms. The fitness trackers record moves and miles and during the program a challenge is given to the students to reach a certain number of fitness moves and if they are successful, they will win prizes.

Fly Movement volunteers visit the kids at least 3 times over the six week period and leads the kids in fun physical exercises. Fly members and volunteers also encourage the kids to write down their short and long term goals in their Fly Movement Fitness Tracker / Goal booklet that each student receives. Encouraging kids to develop a competitive psyche and goal setting habits are part of the program’s main mission.


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What Teachers Say about Fly Movement


“Since joining the Fly Movement program, my classroom has been more eager to go outside and do more physical activities,” said Erick Huerta, third grade teacher at KIPP Dream Prep. “Even I have become more active in physical exercises due to the program. I am also discovering that it is bringing my students’ families closer. I have parents joining their children in bike rides, jogs and other physical activities.”


fly movement at brookline elementary

“Fly Movement came to Brookline at a perfect time! As the STAAR exam approached, I needed students to be able to work and stay focused for longer periods of time. I remember times when my students walked into my classroom and seemed dazed and unfocused. It would take me a good while to get them going. Once they received their trackers, they walked in alert and attentive. Students walked in telling me how many moves they already had and wanting to compare their moves with mine. We loved wearing our trackers and trying to exceed the prior day’s moves. Fly Movement made us more aware of our daily physical activity and motivated us to be more physically active. The extra exercise clearly appears to have worked on our energy levels.” – Sandra Salazar, Brookline Elementary Teacher


Learn more about the schools Fly Movement has helped to inspire kids to be more physically active.



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Our Vision

To provide a fun and simple kids’ fitness curriculum for schools across the world.



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Click to see video! Kids doing exercises at KIPP Elementary


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Mission & Support

Fly Movement believes that one of the best investments we as a community can make is to inspire our children to be more active and strive for goals. By giving our children an opportunity to reach a fitness goal through fun, rewarding team competition, our children will develop virtues that will enable them to lead good lives. Our organization’s role is to provide a wellness educational solution for kids and also facilitate collaboration amongst schools, parents, and technology providers.

Fly Movement is a nonprofit 501(c)3 corporation. Your contribution is tax-deductible to the fullest extent of the law. Make a Donation Today!



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    • David, our program is designed for entire 3rd grade classrooms. However, in the future we intend to create an online program where kids can compete against other kids in friendly physical activity challenges or join teams. Thanks!

  1. I have a 7 yr. old and looking for a program to get him into after school.. His already 105lb.s and in 32/30… Please help with referals or anything you may offer… I need to get him being Healthy and in better shape.. Thank You

  2. I have a 13 yr. old granddaughter who’s in the 7th grade she weight 253 she needs to lose at least 100 lbs

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